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Around Masseria Longa

Lecce, Italy, the full of sculpture facade of the Santa Croce Basilica

Masseria Longa, a location with special characteristics, where tradition and innovation find an extraordinary combination and where sounds, colours and the peace of nature harmonise in perfect union. You can enjoy a spectacular panorama on the horizon and watch the sunrise with the sun seemingly playing over the sea.

Masseria Longa is strategically located for exploring various characteristic places in Salento. In 40 minutes by car, it is possible to reach northwards the city of Lecce, known as the Florence of the south, and southwards Santa Maria di Leuca, known as De finibus terrae, the southernmost point of Apulia where the waters of Adriatic Sea meet and mix with the waters of the Ionian Sea, at Punta Meliso, where is possible to notice at certain times of the year the difference in colour that this line of sea takes on. It is also easy to reach various locations in the hinterland, where you can also enjoy musical events, festivals and traditional celebrations.

Castro, Italy, the entrance from the sea to the Zinzulusa cave

Heading south along the coastline, it is easy to come across interesting sites rich in history to explore before continuing the journey:

  •  Faro Palacia, known as “l’alba dei popoli”, at the easternmost tip of Otranto from which you can enjoy the spectacular and enchanting panorama.
  • Baia di Porto Badisco, an inlet with crystal-clear water in Carribean colours.
  • Santa Cesarea Terme, with its peculiar cliffs, the historical thermal baths and the “cuddura” festival (typical Easter cake with boiled eggs).
  • Grotta Zinzulusa, with its original and specific history located in Castro “the pearl of Salento”.
  • Insenatura Acquaviva (Marina di Marittima), characterized by spring water het continuously refreshes this stretch of sea.
  • La Grotta Verde, which takes on its colour due to the growth of algae, mosses, and various marine vegetation.
  • Marina Serra with its natural pools.
  • Il Ponte Ciolo, a geo-marine area just a few minutes from Santa Maria di Leuca.
  • Santa Maria di Leuca, a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna, rich in history and peculiarities. Also worth visiting are the local lighthouse and the caves, which can be explored by boat. Don’t miss the festival of fried fish.
  • Torre vado, a stretch of free beach with a sandy seabed, easily accesible for families with young children.
  • Zona Pescoluse, known as the Maldives of Salento, between Torre Vado and Torre San Giovanni.
  • Gallipoli, with its extraordinary history and the flavours of the fruits of the sea.
  • Punta Prosciutto, a beach that stretches for hundreads of meters, with warm and clear water in stunning colours.

From Masseria Longa heading north, there are other charming and fascinating locations:

  •  Laghi Alimini, an ideal destination among beaches, nature and history.
  • Torre Sant’ Andrea, where you can find the suggestive Lover’s Arch.
  • Torre dell’Orso, a location with a beach of very fine silver-coloured sand, often referred to as the Caribbean of Salento.
  • Roca Vecchia, between Torre dell’Orso and San Foca, with the famous Grotta della Poesia, with shades ranging from green to blue.
Beautiful scenic seascape at Ciolo Bridge, near Santa Maria di Leuca, Salento, Apulia, Italy

In the inland areas, you can visit some villages rich in history, traditions, and curiosities.

  •  Minervino di Lecce, with the presence of dolmens and menhirs and where the festival “sagra de u casu e onguli” (homemade cheese and green broad beans) is held.
  • Cannole, with the municeddhra festival.
  • Melpignano, with the famous event of ” La notte della taranta”, with local, national and international artists and the watermelon festival.
  • Scorrano, with pyrotechnic competitions and world-famous illuminations during the patronsaint’s festival.
  • Ruffano (Torrepaduli), with the famous tambourine players during “La notte di San Rocco” festival.
  • Galatina, the city of “pasticciotto”, a typical pastry from Salento, where you can admire historical monuments and the beautiful Basilica of Santa Caterina.
  • Presicce, with its historic underground oil mills.
  • Specchia, with its beautiful renovated historic center.
  • Acaia, with its precious castle just a few minutes from the beautiful Lecce.

We are waiting for you to experience dreamlike emotions and enjoy unforgettable experiences of Mediterranean style thet never ceases to amaze.

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